• So simple - so useful

    Having got tired of the numerous requests for un-delete button from my clients, I went looking for a version control system. There appears to be only 1, but fortunately it works perfectly!

    The demo site made it crystal clear what I was getting, and a painless install later it was up and running in 1 of my websites. I will have to find the time to install it into each of my sites as it is a huge time saver.

    Not only that, but support is fast and friendly.

    I am just amazed that this is not yet in the Joomla core.

    Nice work!

    ref: JED

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Supported Devices

Media queries allow for custom CSS based on a number of conditions—ratios, widths, display type, etc—but usually focuses around min-width and max-width.


  • Modify the width of column in our grid
  • Stack elements instead of float wherever necessary
  • Resize headings and text to be more appropriate for devices

Use media queries responsibly and only as a start to your mobile audiences. For larger projects, do consider dedicated code bases and not layers of media queries.


Supported devices

Bootstrap supports a handful of media queries in a single file to help make your projects more appropriate on different devices and screen resolutions. Here's what's included:

Label Layout width Column width Gutter width
Phones 480px and below Fluid columns, no fixed widths
Phones to tablets 767px and below Fluid columns, no fixed widths
Portrait tablets 768px and above 42px 20px
Default 980px and up 60px 20px
Large display 1200px and up 70px 30px