Real Preview Pro Documentation


Real Preview Pro has the following installable extension files:

  1. Component Real Preview Pro
  2. Content Plugin
  3. System Plugin
  4. Toolbar Plugin

Install all of them thru standard Joomla Extension Manager pictured below

ext manager



Post Installation - Do not miss this step!

Check you have enabled all the plugins! Great so you now need to 'position' the Real Preview Content plugin.

The Real Preview Content Plugin needs to have its order set so that it gets processed first before any other plugins act upon the content. To do this we recommend simply putting an order value of -99 to ensure that the plugin is the first in the list. To acheive this go to the plugin manager and filter first for all content plugins. Then add a minus value to the Real Preview Content plugin. Click the little save icon next to the word 'order' and you should find that the plugins get ordered with the Real Preview Content plugin at the top. See the pictiure below for an indication of how it should be.





First use

Real Preview is designed to be as seemless as possible in the standard Joomla article editing experience. You almost won't notice it is there. Except for the first time you add a new article.

When you add an new article Real Preview will not show any draft versions because there is no article id created at this point until you save. As soon as you save the article then Real Preview will take effect and you will start to see editable drafts on the top right.




Real Preview Pro has more configuration options than the free version.

There are two parts to configuring Real Preview Pro. There is the initial setup of the content plugin and then there are the component specific parameters. The plugin is dealt with in the section above 'First Use'. This section looks at the options in the main configuration.

Accessing the settings

You can access the settings for Real Preview by clicking on the settings icon top right of the draft window like below.


Configuration options 


There are a few config options to help with your editing and workflow experience.

  1. Open mode lets you select wether you want the preview to open in a modal window on top of your editing window or whether you want to use a new window for a full browser view
  2. After publishing: this defines what screen you go to after you publish a draft. You can set it to go back to the article manager or stay in edit mode. NB this is not user specific but site wide
  3. Use secure preview urls:  if set to 'Yes' this will append a security hash onto the end of the url